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After a decade as a professional electrical engineer, Lina spent much of the following  17 years as a Yoga teacher, trainer of Yoga teachers and BACP Accredited psychotherapist. Her wide interests and variety of work roles are reflected in her fascination for study. Lina has a first degree in Engineering, a postgrad Diploma in Management Studies, an MA in Jungian Psychotherapy and Healing, and two qualifications in training and teaching. She is also a published writer and creates short films (under 3 minutes in duration) under her SightBites YouTube Channel. Richard Broadley (her husband) presents the show and is a marvel travel-explorer who is also deaf-blind.

Born in Birmingham UK and brought up in a Bengali Brahmin and Tantric cultural background, Lina is truly multi-faceted. Trained within sciences, engineering and humanities, Lina has learned to integrate an unusual breadth of understanding of Eastern and Western philosophies, cultures, history, psychologies, science and health paradigms. She has learned to appreciate the true meaning of diversity.

Lina values learning through storytelling and the importance of oral history.

She was introduced to the wonders of rich imagery offered through the many tales her parents shared with her as a child. Growing up in 1970s Britain, these stories became a vital lifeline to knowing more about her own culture and extended family through her parents’ childhood memories in India (pre and post partition). She learned about foreign lands, people, family, politics, religion, spirituality, the arts, history and more . . . all coming to life through the power of words (in both English and Bengali) and vivid descriptions weaved with such emotional richness to create these life-long tapestries.

This planted seeds in Lina’s rich fertile awareness and fed her curiosity about the importance of people, their lives, their story.¬†

Today, Lina applies this same principle to the engaging talks and lectures she offers in variety of settings and including in her roles as :

Guest Speaker and Enrichment Lecturer

Aboard cruise ships – including presenting for CMV, MSC, Princess and Celebrity Cruises

Her subjects include:

  • Biographies – including her famous and much loved lecture on Elvis Presley
  • Story of Comedy – in 3 parts
  • Destinations – culture, history and geography
  • Modern History
  • and more . . .
  • Click here to access Lina Talks . . Biographies

Offering workshops and talks within educational establishments. She has taught for local councils, national charities, libraries, women’s groups – all focusing on personal development.

Her subject areas include:

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