Education Workshops: Health and Well-Being

Click to listen to Lina’s audio practice for stress and relaxation

Click here to listen to Lina talking on BBC Radio about finding your voice

Psycho-Education Workshops for Health and Well-Being

  • Yoga and Ayurveda – India’s Paradigm of Health and Well-being
  • What is Mind-Body Medicine?
  • Let’s talk about Stress – Making Anxiety Work for You
  • Let’s Talk about Stress and Mindfulness
  • Let’s Talk about Stress and the Menopause
  • Let’s Talk about Stress, Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Building Healthy Relationships and Assertiveness
  • The Gift of Menopause
  • Let’s Talk about managing change
  • Let’s Talk about change: Managing the Uncertainty of Life-Changes
  • Let’s Talk about change: Managing Physical Health Challenges
  • Let’s Talk about change: Women at mid-life and menopause

 Finding My Voice: 4 Parts:

  • What is self-esteem? Building good foundations
  • Building my self-esteem: How I relate to myself
  • Building healthy relationships: How I relate to others
  • Expressing good communication: With me and the world around me


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