Enrichment Lectures: Destinations


  • Whistle-stop Tour of Normandy
  • Whistle-stop tour of The Shetland Isles, Orkney Isles and Faroe Islands
  • Galicia: Ancient Gateway to a Modern NW Spain
  • Whistle-stop Tour of The Faroes and Shetland Isles
  • Iceland: The Land of Ice and Fire
  • Whistle-stop Tour of Madeira: From Fireworks to Volcanoes
  • Nine Islands of The Azores: Secret World of a Volcanic Archipelago
  • Destination Portugal: Historic cultural journey from Lisbon to Oporto
  • Welcome to Malta: Europe’s smallest country
  • Whistle-stop tour of Gibraltar
  • Whistle-stop Tour of the Hanseatic League
  • Whistle-stop tour of the the British Isles and its 5002 islands
  • Whistle-stop Tour of Lithuania and Klaipeda: The Land of Storks
  • Whistle-stop Tour of Poland and Gdansk: From Imperial Germany to Solidarity

Middle East and India

  • Rich India: Culture, Customs and Caste
  • Rich Middle East: Culture, Customs and Civilizations
  • Understanding Egypt Part 1: Ancient Egyptian Mythology and Philosophy
  • Understanding Egypt Part 2: Temples, Tombs and Towns
  • Wonders of the Arabic World Part 1: The Arts
  • Wonders of the Arabic World Part 2: The Sciences

Cuba, Caribbean and Central America

  • Whistle-stop tour of Cape Verde: Africa’s Ten Islands’ Paradise
  •  Whistle-stop tour of The West Indies: From Calypso to Cricket
  • Where are we going? Orientation Guide around Central America
  • Caribbean Islands Part 1: A Cultural History Tour
  • Caribbean Islands Part 2: From Reggae to Buena Vista –  A Musical Journey
  • Whistle-stop Tour of Mexico: History and Culture
  • Whistle-stop Tour: Belize and Honduras
  • Central American Folklore and Mythology
  • Enigma of Cuba: History, Culture and Customs
  • Whistle-stop Tour of Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia

South America

  • Whistle-stop tour of Brazil: Culture, Coffee and Carnival
  • Whistle-stop tour of The Amazon: The World’s Greatest Wildlife Container
  • Understanding Brazil and Uruguay
  • Understanding Argentina and Chile