Lina Talks . . . Cruise Lecture Log


CMV: m/v Magellan: Norwegian Fjjords

CMV: m/v Magellan: Grand British Isles Cruise


CMV: m/v Magellan: Brazil, The Amazon, Caribbean and The Azores

CMV: m/v Astoria: Hidden Baltic Treasures  – Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania

CMV: m/v Marco Polo: Baltic Cities and Russia

CMV: m/v Marco Polo: Scottish Isles and Faroe Islands

CMV: m/v Columbus: Grand British Isles Cruise

CMV: m/v Columbus: European Cities Break



CMV: m/v Magellan: Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and France

CMV: m/v Marco Polo: Canaries and Madeira



CMV: Springtime in The Azores, Madeira and Portugal

CMV: Grand British Isles Tour

CMV: Iceland and The Northern Isles

CMV: Baltic Cities and Russia


CMV: m/v Astor: Grand British Isles

CMV: m/v Astoria: Iceland and the Northern Isles

CMV: m/v Magellan: Baltic Cities and Russia

CMV: m/v Marco Polo: Great European Rivers and Cities/ Comedy Tour


CMV: m/v Discovery: Norway

CMV: m/v Marco Polo: Norway

MSC: m/s Opera: Northern Europe

Celebrity Cruises: m/v Celebrity Infinity: Tour of the British Isles


Princess Cruises: Crown Princess: Transatlantic Voyage from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale

Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV): m/v Marco Polo: Christmas and New Year in the Canaries