Enrichment Lectures: Cultural History

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India’s Calcutta – The Jewel in Queen Victoria’s British Empire
From the Amazon to Bournville – The Story of Chocolate and Cadbury
James Bond – Ian Fleming’s Caribbean Creation
The Power of Sugar: A Cultural History
British Royal Scandals
  • Part 1: Pleasure, Power and Privilege
  • Part 2: Dilemmas for the House of Windsor
Story of Comedy
  • Part 1: Journey from Ancient Greece to Modern Times
  • Part 2: Brilliance of British Film Comedy
  • Part 3: Best of British Television Comedy
Christmas Traditions: Origins and Significance


Romanovs and Revolution – Understanding Modern Russian History
Bauhaus School of Art
The Story of Van Gogh
Wassily Kandinsky
The Importance of being Oscar Wilde
Edvard Munch
  • Part 1: Biographical Journey
  • Part 2: Legacy and Influence

Central America

Castro vs Kennedy: The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Power of Sugar: A Cultural History
From Reggae to Buena Vista –  A Musical Journey
Central American Folklore and Mythology
Enigma of Cuba: History, Culture and Customs

Middle East and India

Wonders of the Arabic World
  • Part 1: The Arts
  • Part 2: The Sciences
Understanding Egypt
  • Part 1: Ancient Egyptian Mythology and Philosophy
  • Part 2: Temples, Tombs and Towns
The Mystery of Tutankhamen
Understanding Israel: Ancient history within a modern world